Freezer Drop

Delivered to your freezer at our convenience (usually on Thurs or Fri), drip pan & light are not included. Only available to the owner of the freezer.

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  • Single block standard sculpture - $400.00 drip pan and lights not included  Yes
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It is the responsibility of the customer; to insure a proper container is available to collect the water from the sculpture throughout the entire event, and have a level - sturdy table ready for ice sculptures. Sculptures should not be set up in direct sunlight as this can cause honeycombing and cracking. Please let your ice sculpture temper in a 38 degree walk-in cooler for 60 minutes before moving it to a heated area above 78 degrees. Do not slide an ice sculpture over a kitchen floor it must be lifted onto a cart, as this can cause cracking.



Premier Ice Sculptures & Catering was started in 1994 by Chef Steven Leake, specializing in ice sculpting and executive dining.


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